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USDA Packaged Beef

Our beef is processed in Edinburg, VA.  We believe that to get the best flavor and tenderness a carcass should be aged for 28 days.  Many grocery chains cannot keep up with their demand with beef aged much longer than 14 days.  An additional 14 days of aging provides a much more robust flavor.  Also, a lot of the premier steak houses advertise their beef to be aged over 21 days.  We concur!!

The best way to order our beef is by the quarter (1/4 carcass).  We understand that most families do not have the freezer space for 100+ pounds of beef so if this is the case we can discuss cutting this in half. 

What you will receive is an assortment of cuts to include: rib-eye, sirloin, porterhouse,T-bone, brisket, various roasts, and hamburger.  Our beef will be on the lean side primarily due to the cattle being grass fed a majority of their life. 


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