MC2 Aim Points.  Top 10% of Carcass Merit EPDs.  Primary goal of the breeding program is to produce animals that perform in the top 10% across all carcass merit traits.  Ultimately, consumer satisfaction is key and our efforts to pursue the top sires in these categories will pay off to our customers; producers, feedlots, grocery chains, etc.  The following genetic objectives for selection and retention will accomplish our goals:

B1.1     Marbling. (Marb)          Angus                >= +0.78


B1.2     Ribeye Area (RE)         Angus                >= +0.74


B1.3     Fat (IMF)                    Angus                <= -0.024


B1.4     Frame score               Angus                5 to 6


          The intent is to have uniform cattle across entire herd that are well muscled and medium framed.  Selection is taken seriously and will not be compromised.  Pictured below is an A A R Ten X 7008 daughter that is the type of frame and look we desire.  This female meets the "top 10%" minimum standard.  



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